Rush Limbaugh is a racist? LOL!

I could care less whether Rush and his co-op get an NFL team.  But to demonize him, I do care.  I used to listen all the time, back when politics meant something to me.  Eventually I learned that all this-Bill O’Reilly, Hannity, Rush, et al- are all talk.  Too much chatter.  It’s a huge industry, and those talk-show hosts making a living at it should really try to shake Rush’s hand.   By the way, Rush also says that he never made the statements attributed to him, so expect lawsuits to follow.  Someone else said it real well: 

Apparently, the “image-conscious NFL is just fine with drugs, DUI, manslaughter, domestic violence and-oh, yeah–dog fighting, but having a conservative viewpoint in politics and being critical of the NFL promoting a player based upon his race is unacceptable.

I used to be hugely interested in pro football.  My dad got me into that.  He was an original New Orleans Saints season ticket holder.  I wish I had some of those stubs!  $10 for sideline seats, $6 for end zone.  He gave me tickets to every game for my birthday.  At one time we lived three doors from Paul Hornung, the HOF running back from the glory days of the Packers who was drafted by the Saints in the twighlight of his career(by the way, he and we lived in <2000 sq.ft. townhome).  I sat with my dad at an Eagles-Saints game at Tulane Stadium when it was a torrential downpour.  Pre-season game.  Stayed til the last snap.  I was sitting in the end zone when Tom Dempsey kicked a 63 yard fieldgoal to beat the Lions.  As I grew up, one job I had was security guard/usher at Saints games, then selling beer at the new Superdome.  Eventually, I left Louisiana for the Navy, and never went back, but always kept in touch with how the Saints were doing or not.  When the technology presented itself we bought into DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket.  Now, even that’s too expensive, and even pre-season games are horrendously expensive.  So I watch what’s on TV after giving God what he should get-the first hour (or three) of the first day of the week.

Today, there’s too much emphasis on salaries, cheerleaders, stadiums, personalities, tatoos, ear rings, etc.  Not enough emphasis on the precious few seconds of play. (Think about it.  There’s about 100 plays in a game, averaging 5 seconds per play = 500 seconds, so about 8 1/3 minutes of actual play per game…)

Anyway, Rush is not a racist any more than Jesse Jackson is.  Jesse Jackson may be more racist than Rush.


What say you???

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