Being Christian

Recently, I had an exchange with another blogger who was writing about how unacceptable the entire Kennedy funeral was because Obama gave a eulogy.  I argued that it’s a pastoral decision whether eulogies are allowed after the mass, but that they’re never allowed inside the mass.  I asked, simply, because I didn’t see the ‘festivities’, whether he gave the eulogy during the mass or afterward.  I got both barrels of the other blogger’s shotgun.  He also assumed that I’m in the archdiocese of San Francisco, and said that it wasn’t exactly a bastion of orthodoxy, trying to say that they don’t follow the rubrics.

 He also seemed to be saying that Kennedy should not have been given a Catholic funeral because of his political record.

I tried to reason with him, but got a stiff, cold shoulder.  I told him that I agreed with his position about Kennedy’s public life and Obama’s administration, but that it’s not our place to judge Kennedy or condemn Obama.  He rebuffed me again, so I shook the dust from my feet and went on my way.

I wish that Christians would really be Christians.  God loves everyone equally.  He loves Hitler and Stalin and Kennedy as much as he loves every one of us.  Remember, in the Prodigal Son, which son got the most attention?  It was the one who needed it the most.  Our faith, whether you’re Protestant or Catholic, is inclusive.  We’re all sinners, it’s just a matter of degree.  We should not be condemning those who, on the surface, might be ‘more sinful’.  We should always remember that, when we point our finger in indignation at one of our fellow human beings, we, at the same time, point four back at ourselves.  Jesus told the Pharisees “He who is without sin should cast the first stone…”

Cardinal O”Malley wrote about the funeral in his blog @  He doesn’t really address the Obama eulogy, where in or outside of the mass it was held or anything.  But he did say he planted the seed with the president about our anxiousness that abortion be off the table in the government’s health care plan.


One thought on “Being Christian

  1. David, I agree with you. Something about the whole Kennedy thing left a bad taste in my mouth but about the actual funeral, I have to say that ‘it is for God to judge, not me.’ I understand the righteous indignation but Christian charity must ALWAYS come first.

    I just got back from a Christian music festival. I saw a teeshirt there that said “Jesus died for terrorists’. The truth of that gives some pause, doesn’t it?

    have you seen Sandy, btw?

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