Senator Ted Kennedy has passed away

I hope he repented of his sins before he passed on. Some are blessed with the knowledge of when they will die, and have the opportunity to prepare for it. I hope Senator Kennedy did some soul searching before his death.  Given his stance on issues like women’s choice, I believe he needed it…


One thought on “Senator Ted Kennedy has passed away

  1. Yes, he did need it, and was given the grace of the opportunity to repent. Probably being Catholic he did, however that being said, being Catholic did not stop him from a lot of things here on earth.

    You know when we are in that final hour I would assume something inside takes a hold of us. We know there are no more chances, one would be taking a very big chance if they did not repent and reconcile themselves back to God.

    One thing though, when God kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden and they had sinned greatly, then He turned around and made them clothes, I have always believed that same mercy holds for us today, because He loves us so. So really who is to say??

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