Randall Terry is an embarassment-love the message, hate the messenger

Randall Terry interrupted a Town Hall meeting being run by Howard Dean in Virginia.  During his protest, his cohorts performed skits depicting our President forcing a woman to have an abortion, and he was dressed in a doctor’s coat pretending to stab a woman in a gray-haired wig.

I think it’s time to try and show that not all conservatives are radicals, and that neither are all liberals.

I also am more and more firmly convinced that the way to stop abortion is to live Christianity. 

We should be working harder to change hearts and minds about the sanctity of life. If we can do that, it won’t matter that abortion is legal and very available, because people would just simply not have abortions.

Teach that all life is sacred, that sex is sacred, that marriage is sacred.  It starts in our own homes…Husbands and wives, work through your problems and keep your family together. It will be worth the cost and the work when you meet our Maker. Don’t start a marriage by living together and trying ‘it’ on for size…find out how the other person really is before you marry them by talking about important matters. Don’t have a history of many, many sex partners prior to getting serious and settling down…

Live life like it’s sacred, and some day, it will be…

They will know we are Christians by our love…


What say you???

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