Catholic Church ok with Harry Potter???

Is the Catholic Church openly endorsing the Harry Potter series???  I don’t think so.  All indications are that the Vatican “official” newspaper L’Osservatore Romano says it’s ok, but what has the newspaper to do with official Vatican thought?

People need to be very, very careful when they describe what the “Catholic Church” teaches.  She is not in the business of validating science, and very often will neither endorse nor decry any book, play or movie, piece of art, etc.  UNLESS IT DIRECTLY ATTACKS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. What the Catholic church does is to teach the faith that Jesus came to earth to proclaim, to save souls.  They will give strong admonition-you shouldn’t watch this or read that, but they leave it up to you.

Also, the Church is not in the business of endorsing political systems.  She is not in favor of democracy, oligarchy, monarchy, socialist or any other form of government.  UNLESS THEY COME IN DIRECT CONFLICT WITH THE INTERESTS OF THE CHURCH.  Right now the Catholic Church is under attack from most forms of government-republic, democratic, socialist and dictatorship.  And she’s fighting for our souls on all counts.

Please, before you buy into what the secular media says about our church, find out what our Church really says.


What say you???

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