A joke

Three construction workers one white, one Hispanic, the other Filipino sit on a girder every day and eat lunch.  One day the white guy says “I’m so tired of bologna sandwiches!  If I get another bologna sandwich tomorrow, I’m going to just jump off and kill myself!”  The Hispanic looks in his lunch box and says “Tamales again? If Mama gives me tamales tomorrow, I’ll kill myself, too.” The pinoy looks in his paper sack and sees fried tilapia. “Hoy! If I get fried tilapia again tomorrow, I’ll jump too!”.  The next day, all three had the same lunch, and all three committed suicide.

At the wake, the wives got together, crying together.  The first wife cried “My husband!  If only you told me, I could have changed your lunch!”  The second one joined her.  The Filipina wife cried even louder.  The other two asked why she was more upset.  She said “He makes his own lunch.”


What say you???

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