Self-discipline and sin

The news today is full of news about abortion, priest sex abuse, homosexual rights, artificial birth control.  It seems that a lot of today’s controversy surrounds sex and procreation.  All of the above are sex taken to a disordered level.

Most of the people who choose abortion have sex outside the bond of marriage, causing inconvenience to them.  NOT ALL, but most.  Sex outside of marriage is disordered sexual desire.

Priests who were involved in the sex abuse scandal of the 90’s and earlier (fewer in the last several years) took vows they were not committed to. And participated in disordered sexual desire.

Homosexuality, according to God’s plan, is disordered sexual desire.

Artificial birth control is “because people are going to have sex anyway, why not give them a barrier to prevent disease and pregnancy”.  So ABC promotes and leads to disordered sexual desire.

Outside of the sexual realm, people are getting fatter due to excess consumption, people consume too many natural resources, we don’t exercise enough, we litter, we don’t delve deep into issues because of ADD, drive too fast, music can’t be more than 3 minutes, a homily can’t be more than 10 minutes.

STOP THE NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Human beings are called by God to exert self-discipline.  Stop over-indulgence.

It’s all over the place.  Pursuit of happiness. You cannot watch television these days without seeing mostly commercials about drugs to grow longer eyelashes and to combat erectile disfunction.  (For the most part, I believe that problem is mental, not physical, because it was that way for me.  Once I became a full partner in my marriage, there was no longer a problem). Commercials to sell you the next best car/sound system/television/thing. 

What they don’t realize is that we can and will never be truly happy in this world unless we include God in our lives.  Americans watch at least two, maybe four hours of television a day, and yet begrudge 1 hour a week to devote, completely devote, to God.  The things of the earth are provided for us to exist, but without God, we will constantly be looking for the next thing.  See all the fabulously wealthy stars, how the flit from wife to wife or husband to husband, always looking for attention, always after the next thrill, the next drug, the booze, etc.  Then look at Fr. Corapi.  What a happy man!  He used to be connected with the Hollywood scene, babes, booze, drugs, cars, money.  Then the drugs got to him and he lost everything.  After living through time of homelessness when he had truly nothing on earth, and with no love of God,  he found his way back.  First through prayer, and mass, then being called to the priesthood, now preaching to millions each week on EWTN.  You can see that, without a possession in the world other than his habit and his hermitage (which doesn’t belong to him), he’s happy, because he’s devoted his life to God.

Self-discipline.  Don’t have sex outside of marriage.

Self-discipline.  Don’t overeat.

Self-discipline.  Give some time and treasure to God.

Self-discipline. Stop wanting the next gadget, the next bigger television, the next Ferrari (or Honda).

Self-discipline.  Pray and fast.  Listen to God.

He will not jump up and down and scream for your attention.  His is the still, small voice.  You have to quiet down to hear it.  Turn off your phone, your iPod, your boom box, your television, whatever it is that’s overshadowing the voice of God in your life.

Stop doing what you want to do.  Listen carefully, and do what God wants you to do.


What say you???

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