RIP George Tiller, may God have mercy on you.

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Tiller and some of his team were hardly perfect doctors. discusses the cases with the highest profiles, including that of Christin Gilbert, a mentally disabled 19-year old, who died after the procedure in January 2005. states:

Following Gilbert’s death, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, which regulates doctors in the state, refused to prosecute Tiller for killing Gilbert, saying he followed all state laws during the abortion procedure.

After the agency’s decision thousands of Wichita residents filed petitions with the local courts to call for a grand jury to investigate the case. The grand jury, too, failed to prosecute Tiller or any of his staff involved in the abortion.

Gilbert’s own family also supported a petition drive by Kansans for Life to get a Kansas county to convene a grand jury to investigate the death.

During the proceedings, Tiller took Fifth Amendment protections, as did a number of Tiller abortion business employees, which prevented the grand jury from getting more information about Gilbert’s medical care, before, during and after the abortion.

Then, the article says (emphasis mine throughout):

Paramedics in Wichita are no stranger to Tiller’s abortion center as they went there numerous times to transport patients injured in botched abortions to Wesley Medical Center. 

In March 2009, carried the story of a woman transported to Wesley Medical Center, with Tiller following in another vehicle.  This article says, in part:

The ambulance had no lights or sirens running — which is customary with many abortion facilities that don’t want to draw attention to failed abortions.

The patient was rushed into the emergency room with her head covered, leaving witnesses to wonder if she was alive, Operation Rescue president Troy Newman informed

Tiller followed the ambulance to the medical center in a vehicle driven by unlicensed ‘nurse’ Cathy Reavis and dropped him off at an entrance on the east side of the building, out of sight …

This occurred as Tiller was:

accused of violating state law requiring a second, independent, physician to sign off on his late-term abortions.

Tiller was slapped with 19 criminal charges for failing to follow the law and using a fellow abortion practitioner with whom he has a financial relationship to claim the abortions were medically necessary.

Sedgwick County District Court Judge Clark Owens released a decision last month dismissing a request from Tiller attorneys that the evidence in the case be suppressed because of claims that it was improperly obtained…

In September 2008, another patient at the clinic barely survived the abortion, initially performed by another doctor then continued by Tiller:

The woman had the abortion last Tuesday and says abortion practitioner Shelley Sella may have botched an injection she gave the patient.

The injection allegedly caused sepsis, a systemic infection that rapidly spreads throughout the body and can cause rapid death…

… the woman had a temperature of nearly 104 degrees and she returned to Tiller’s abortion business, where she says she was locked inside a room for nearly four hours. She called for abortion center staff to release her but says her pleas went unanswered.

She tells OR officials that workers at the abortion center told her to calm down after she went into hysterics and said other patients would be upset if she didn’t stop crying. The abortion facility staff allegedly told her that they would not treat her if she didn’t calm down

… the patient ‘observed that she continued to feel movements in her womb. Her mother was present during the removal of the baby, and observed Tiller inserting a tube into the baby’s skull and removing the brains, a procedure that is illegal if the baby was still alive.’

Before Tiller’s facility completed the abortion, the patient told OR she feared she would be killed while sedated. During the completion of the abortion, the woman suffered an asthma attack and cardiac arrest, but was revived.

Instead of calling an ambulance, OR tells that Tiller drove the woman to Wesley Medical Center in his personal vehicle. She said Tiller had problems seeing while he was driving and an abortion center staff member had to direct him through traffic.

The patient was treated and discharged from the hospital on Saturday, September 27, 2008, even though she was still in pain and feeling sick from her ordeal

Just one month later, another patient was rushed to Wesley Medical Center:

… a woman with an IV was loaded into Sedgwick County ambulance number 30 and transported away from the abortion business 15 minutes later. In keeping with the wishes of abortion center staff to avoid scrutiny, the ambulance did not use its lights or siren on the way to the abortion facility or the hospital.  

Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue, the pro-life group that serves as a Tiller watchdog, arrived at Wesley Medical Center in time to photograph the ambulance. She also took photos of Tiller’s personal vehicle, which he normally uses to take patients to Wesley when they’re injured by his abortions.  Tiller was joined at the emergency room by his employee, Diane Warren, who noticed Sullenger and called out to her, ‘You’re dying to know, aren’t you!’

… [Sullenberger] said the condition of the patient involved is unknown.

This was the third emergency transport documented by Operation Rescue in the last five weeks

‘I have personally begged the KSBHA for an emergency suspension of Tiller’s license and to close his abortion business before someone else was hurt,’ Sullenger added. ‘Our pleas have fallen on deaf ears and now another woman has had to pay the price. How many more women have to get hurt before the authorities will step in and stop this?’ 

Back to the present day, reports:

Tiller’s record as an abortion practitioner was so poor that, at the time of his death, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts released to the public a petition it filed in December listing eleven allegations against Tiller’s license.

Violations alleged include ‘performing an abortion on a fetus that was viable without having a documented referral from another physician not legally or financially affiliated with him,’ the board said in a statement.

They also include ‘unprofessional or dishonorable conduct or professional incompetency and commitment of acts likely to deceive, defraud or harm the public’.

The allegations could have resulted in Tiller losing his medical license and could have required Tiller to stop doing abortions or significantly scaling back his abortion business.

Here endeth the gruesome story of George Tiller.  May God have mercy on his soul.


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