Comment on the murder of Dr. George Tiller

Right off the bat, someone who commits murder is not pro-life.

George Tiller committed murder every time he performed an abortion.  The person who murdered him also committed murder.  It does not especially matter how many either did.  Even thoug Dr. Tiller was in the business of murdering innocents, we Catholics believe that you cannot do evil to do good.  Only God has the authority to take an evil act and make good out of it.

The person who murdered Dr. Tiller gives pro-life people a bad name.

Also, there’s a lot of rhetoric out there that pro-lifers who support the war are not really pro-life, those who are ok with the torture of the detainees at Gitmo aren’t really pro-life, etc. 

Hogwash.  Why?

There is never a case when an abortion is a good thing.  Never.  If carrying the baby to term would kill the baby and mother, then it no longer, technically, is an abortion.  There is allowable debate over the war and “torture” techniques, and we must always think of the golden rule.  But I guarantee you that soldiers caught by the other side are treated much more harshly than the Gitmo guys are.  But still, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Again-abortion-never good, murder, never good.


What say you???

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