America changing her religon-continued commentary

  • On average, between one-third and half of those surveyed have changed their affiliation only once, with 49 percent of former Protestants opting for a different denomination among the Reformed faiths and 30 percent of those who changed only once now are unaffiliated. In contrast, 47 percent of formerly unaffiliated now are affiliated.
  • What about Protestants who become Catholic?? What about Unaffiliated who become Catholic??

  • The largest group that has changed affiliation is made up of those who have changed from one Protestant denomination to another. 
  • No surprise here…in the Protestant tradition, if you don’t agree with their version, find someone you agree with. Trouble is, nobody agrees with anyone else 100% of the time. This is precisely why we have to turn to the Church Jesus formed-the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

  • About seven-in-10 in the unaffiliated segment (73 percent of former Catholics and 71 percent of former Protestants) say religious organizations focus too much on rules and not enough on spirituality. A slightly smaller fraction of those who have become unaffiliated say religious leaders are more concerned about money and power than with truth and spirituality. Forty percent of them say this is the reason they became unaffiliated.
  • While I understand that the Catechism is a huge volume with lots of content, and also understand that our faith is rich in tradition, it all boils down, as Fr. Corapi says, to one word-the Eternal Word, Jesus Christ. So it sounds like those who left were too focussed on the rules. Regarding money and power, this again is a misunderstanding, especially with Catholics. There’s little money and power in the Church. Money flows, but usually from those who have to those who have not.

  • Seventy-one percent of the “unaffiliated” who left their childhood faith “gradually drifted away” and 65 percent who were raised Catholic simply stopped believing in the teachings, compared with 50 percent of Protestants.  
  • This translates to disobedience. It’s too hard/not convenient/I just don’t want to obey, so I’ll go somewhere where they don’t teach that.

  •  Most who left their childhood faith did so before age 24. Almost half of Catholics who are now unaffiliated left before reaching age 18, as did one-third who are now Protestant. Among both groups, an additional three-in-10 left the Catholic Church as young adults between ages 18 and 23. Only one-fifth who are now unaffiliated and one-third who are now Protestant departed after turning age 24.
  • This is due to the lies of the secular world, too much put into consumerism, and selfishness.

If America wants to return to her former greatness, she needs to turn her collective face to God. There’s a commercial for Allstate (ironic how sometimes they get it right-you just have to search for the gems!) that talks about the effects of economic recession/depression, saying that the one positive effect is that it forces us to return to the simpler things in life. So, please, less consumerism, more faith. If you put God first, he will give you all you need now and forever.


What say you???

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