Same Sex “Marriage”

I saw this comment about the Miss USA furor and thought the guy made very salient points…

I think we sometimes confuse equality with fairness. Unfortunately, the gay mafia would have us all believe that by defending the definition of heterosexual marriage, the oldest of sanctified and sacred traditions in the history of mankind, that we somehow exclude or subordinate those in society who deviate by nature or by moral code. I have not heard of any civil union in our country that denies a SSM couple of any of the civil rights, monetary benefits, or “human” equality that are preserved in a traditional marriage. The whole inequality issue is a false argument. Proponents of SSM would have you believe that it is morally equivalent and that by labeling it as marriage means that we will somehow eliminate the issue of inequality (and our moral, non-acceptance of homosexuality). Marriage and civil unions are equal at the secular, societal level but are very different in terms of biblical context and tradition. Whereas race and ethnicity are not matters of choice, meaning that all humans are fundamentally equal despite these differences, our choice of what gender we join with is not the same. It does deserve, however, separate but equal treatment. Convention, tradition, and biblical teaching have long established that marriage is, by definition, man and woman. What you wish to call the alternative, legally or otherwise, should not infringe on upon this or force me and the rest of the moral majority to accept as something similar. What may surprise many detractors to this argument is that Christians do in fact respect, love, and accept homosexual people as any other – mainly because we see that man is more than his preferences, deserving the same dignity as any other. It is unfortunate that advocates of SSM who decry our preservation of tradition as discrimination and inequality do not necessarily reciprocate the same benevolence.


What say you???

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