Miss California is a right-wing terrorist…

The winner in the Miss USA pageant is undoubtedly…Miss California.  The woman has guts.  She’s not afraid to  stick to her guns, to stand up for her faith, her family, her morals.  There is a call out for her to have her crown stripped, as if that’s such an important thing to lose…If she does lose it, she will be better off for it.  God will provide for her, since she has put herself last and God first.  She may not be killed for her beliefs, but she is being martyred.

On another note, since when is it ok for law enforcement to profile?  I thought we couldn’t look at someone of Middle Eastern descent and suspect them of terrorism.  I thought we weren’t supposed to see a drug dealer when we pass a young black male on the street…and theoretically, we shouldn’t.  We’ve been told by the government that we cannot suspect a Middle Eastern man at an airport.  This is why the TSA stripsearches 80 year old women traveling from Shreveport to Kansas City.  No profiling.  Yet the Department of Homeland Security is doing just that-profiling.  The suspects?  Michael Savage, conservative Americans, pro-life activists, anti same-sex marriage people, Catholics, and people who have been involved in tea parties.

I wonder when we became a country where everyone had to be in lock-step with our government leaders, where anyone who didn’t agree was considered a danger.  Last I checked we still had first amendment rights, as well as a right to have our faith, and the right to privacy.  When those things disappear, you’ll see the population here start to dwindle.  Nobody will threaten the government, they will just leave, unlike Alec Baldwin and Barbara Streisand, making a big stink but then just melting back into their status quo lives…


2 thoughts on “Miss California is a right-wing terrorist…

  1. In the interest of commenting on more than just one post on your blog, I thought I’d mention that this a pretty brilliant comparison. It’s so sad that conservatives are considered the suspicious ones in a country of sleeper cell terrorists.

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