Gay friendly play banned by San Francisco Archbishop, but the show goes on anyway

Archbishop George Niederhauer, thankfully, advised a Catholic parish that a production of a gay-friendly production should not happen there.  The parish complied.  The play went on anyway, they changed the venue.  Instead this production was put on at a university-Jesuit run University of San Francisco.  When contacted for comment, the archbishop was in Rome at a conference, but a spokesman said the archbishop did not know about this.

There are several issues here.  Most of them have to do with obedience.  A group of Catholic students defied the pastor of the diocese, the successor of the apostles.  So, in fact, did the University of SF.  I personally believe these young people need to be called to appear before the archbishop and told what disobedience with the Catholic Church means.  As should the University.  I believe they should lose their accreditation as a Catholic university, if any such exists.  At the very least, those responsible for letting this play go on, regardless of knowing the content or not, should be reprimanded.

Our USCCB is starting to formulate their backbone after many years, decades, of being practically non-existant.  The USCCB needs to support Archbishop Niederhauer.

And Catholics need to understand that there is no such thing as a dissident Catholic.  You either are, or you aren’t Catholic.  If you want to embrace or support the homosexual lifestyle, abortion, euthanasia, deny the Real Presence in the Eucharist, that’s fine.  Peter denied Christ 3 times.  He’s been denied thousands, millions of times since.  But Peter turned back, before it was too late.  Catholics who are not in line with our faith should refrain from calling themselves Catholics.  Can you hear me, Speaker Pelosi?  VP Biden?  Children of Sacred Heart Prep School?

Now hear this.  We do not hate gays.  We are called not to hate.  We are called to love.  Loving does not mean accepting deviant behaviour.  In fact, it means we should call a spade a spade.  Living a homosexual lifestyle is wrong.  Being homosexual, or should we say having a same-sex attraction is not wrong.  Acting on it is.


What say you???

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