Do unto others…what does it mean?

In today’s gospel, Jesus asks “Which of you, if your son asks for a loaf of bread, would hand him a rock?”  and finishing up with “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

What, exactly, does this mean?

It’s not enough to not do wrong to someone.  The statement is a positive.  We must, as Christians, positively treat our fellow man as we would want to be treated.

In the arena of the abortion debate now and in the last election,  many Catholics who voted for Barack Obama ignored the abortion issue totally.  They voted for him for other reasons, like the economy, tacitly approving of his stance on abortion.  They say things like “I’m personally against abortion, but don’t want to impose my personal views on another person.”  But yet, they are imposing their personal views, negatively, on another person-the unborn baby.  By not standing up for the unborn, we are approving of the dismemberment and killing of another person.

So what’s required?  Like Queen Esther, in the first reading today, went to the king uninvited, even though she knew she could be killed for doing so.  But she intervened, and saved her people (and herself, incidentally) from being annihilated.

We are called to do what is right, regardless of whether it is convenient or inconvenient to us. Maybe at the cost of our life.

So where is it the right place to open the forum on abortion?  In Church?  They say it’s too political?  In the political arena? Too religious.  But if abortion is so wrong, we should shout it out everywhere.

What if it was you in the womb, and you were scheduled to be aborted?  What would you want others to do for you? It calls for boldness, courage, outspokenness.  Regardless of how upset you might get someone.  What’s worse, an upset person?  Or a dead one?


One thought on “Do unto others…what does it mean?

  1. I totally agree that Jesus was implimenting that we should do positives unto others not wrong. On the subject of abortion I’m totally against it, though remember that Paul wrote in timothy that men not transformed by salvation will find the word of God nonsence and the man who has been transformed can see spiritual and nonspiritual in the not only the word but the world. Protest by force will only push people away from the true understanding of Jesus. Jesus has risen from death and has forgiven sins if we ask, all sins of man. It is not our role to condemn those not saved but pray God to reveal himself to them, God works on all the hearts of all till death. We do not know where God works in there lives but our duty to the glory of God is to love all with his love and pray for all the hearts of our neighbours.

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