A simple weekend

After having an utterly chaotic home for several weeks, we turned it down a few notches this weekend. We finally completed the flooring in our downstairs, and all the painting and moving pictures and putting finishing touches. So other than a couple of permanent fixtures, like the stove, fridge and aquarium, the whole downstairs looks like it’s ready for Architectural Digest to come in for the photo shoot.

So originally, we had no plans for the weekend. That sort of changed. Thursday, we got a call that a distant relative by marriage (my wife’s sister’s husbands sister’s husband) died of a year long bout with cancer. Friday, my priest asked if we could move our dinner from Monday to Saturday evening. And invited two friends. Sunday, my newly-forty daughter was bringing over the kids, supposedly her hubby and son was to help us install the flooring (but we already decided to have it installed), and it would be a surprise, sort of an HGTV reveal.
Did a few DIY projects to finish up the remodel on Saturday morning, also thawing the meat, shopping for last-minute items, then spending the afternoon at the funeral parlor praying the Office of the Dead for this distant relative. Sunday I baked-banana bread, french bread, oatmeal cookies-while my wife cooked sinegang and bisteak. We had an empty house at 2:00.

Cleaning up and doing a couple of simple chores, we suddenly had about 6 hours with absolutely nothing to do…So we watched movies…The Passion of Bernadette, and Don Bosco, both DVR’d from ETWN. What great movies!

Passion of Bernadette is the story of Bernadette after the apparitions at Lourdes, how she lived her life totally humble, totally subservient, totally listening to what our Lord wanted from her. Don Bosco was the same way, from a little different perspective-male-, era, location. Don Bosco is a loooooong movie, nearly 4 hours. But both, totally worthwhile, compared to the dreck you find mostly on 90% of the channels.

You know how football people complain that the quality of football has suffered since we now have so many pro teams, and a salary cap? Well, the same is true of television. We used to have 3 quality channels that only broadcast several hours a day. I remember it being a treat to stay up until they played the Star Spangled Banner, and that was the 70’s, so it wasn’t so long ago. Now we have hundreds of channels, but what’s on? Desparate Housewives? Boston Legal? Come on. I don’t believe that each network has a good primetime show anymore. Fox is good for football, CBS for golf, ABC Dancing with the Stars, but I spend 90% of my viewing time on the Discovery Channel Suite, HGTV, Food Network, ETWN and ESPN. I really don’t see how we, the public, can be spending more time watching TV when there’s really nothing on.


What say you???

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