Did you ever notice how much the Lord loves simplicity? Examples start with the very birth of Jesus, with the humility of Mother Mary, and the sheer poverty of the scene, then the very thought of Jesus’ life in Nazareth, Galilee, and the environment around there, the choices Jesus made for his apostles. Include in this the way Jesus taught. He oozedhumility, and favored the most humble. His mother, too, in her appearances, did not appear to kings, princes, etc. but to poor children, a farmer, people living in the humblest of circumstances. We have, since these appearances, exalted them and dressed them up, put beautiful cathedrals over the sites. We hold fiestas and such in honor of our Mother’s appearances, and the facts of her life.

On this anniversary of the apparitions of our Mother at Lourdes, France, and in the midst of the world financial crisis, let’s not forget the humility, and simplicity of Jesus, and remember that the important things of life are not of this life.


2 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Yes, I have thought of this. It’s good to reflect on again, though. I am sometimes in awe of having a child with Down syndrome because God is showing me through him that it is good to be humble and simple. Before I had John Michael, I had prayed for humility. I think this was His gift to me — to see life through the eyes of such a little one.

  2. Monica, I think this is true of children in general, but more so in those with challenges. God will bless you for your commitment to your child.

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