Lenten Parish Mission

Since we’ve become a multi-parish family, we’ve been so blessed. We used to be so mono-dimensional, sticking with the same parish, daily mass with the same ‘friends’ (none of whom has kept in touch with us!), same liberal priest, etc. Now we have a new home parish, with a JPII priest (someone who became a priest under the influence of John Paul the Great) where we attend Sunday mass and every daily mass when I’m not working. We go to daily mass at several parishes, I go M-F except Wednesday at a parish near work, on Wednesday with my wife to a parish near home. I also attend a diocesan school as in previous posts.

Knowing people in each parish keeps us more well rounded than before. We get invited to things. When they work out, they work out. Seeing Steve Ray was one of those events.

One of our parishes is holding a lenten mission next week for 5 evenings with a Father of Mercy. If you watch the daily mass on EWTN, this is the order that Fr. Wade Menezes belongs to. The Superior of the order is Fr. William Casey, who also does a parish mission (taped) at the Shrine in Hanceville. The preacher will be speaking each night with the blessed sacrament exposed. I am very excited to get 10 hours of preparation for Lent.

Next month, March, we’re having a 3 day mission at our home parish, and in April, just before Holy Week, there’s another at another parish I’m connected to.


What say you???

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