One week into the presidency, I’m already sick of politics…

Well, I’ve been sick of politics for about 4 years now. I used to let politics rule my life. Research on the internet while at work, then listening on the radio as I drove home, then O’Reilly, etc., sleep, wake up, eat breakfast with the news on, then to work.
What’s wrong with this scenario???
If you don’t see glaring problems, let me enumerate:
1. Where’s the person-to-person in person communication with spouse and kids??? I got my person-to-person communication by arguing politics with other people on line. I don’t have to go into where that led…it got worse-on weekends, sports took over for politics. So no spousal communication, zilch, nada, nil, zero. This was a problem.
2. Where’s the personal relationship with God? Since all politics is temporal, dealing only with earthly and earthy subjects, again, there was no relationship with God. You could argue that moral issues are different, but when you’re dealing with morality in the political arena, it’s still brought to a down-to-earth element which leaves out God.
These are the biggest problems. I got so sucked into the political stuff that I totally isolated myself-from family and faith (what little I had at the time!). My soul realized I was missing something, but I let Satan lead me down wrong paths.
So anyway, I came to the faith. The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. I immersed myself in my family, my faith, the living water. Work was and is a tool, a useful tool for providing for the needs of both family and faith. As for politics, if the topic is not about something to right the sinking ship of faith and morals, I don’t care about it.  Everything on earth is temporal, but how you live, how you treat all other human beings, and how you live your faith is all that really matters when you finally go to meet your Maker for your particular judgement.
Yes, the economy is a problem.  Yes, ecology, and everything else is a problem.  But living life right in the eyes of God is the biggest and most important problem we can work on while on earth, because when we die, it will be too late. 
So don’t fret.  God wants you to love him, trust him.  Remember the cardinal virtues-faith, hope and love.  Love-the way Jesus wanted us to love.  Self-sacrificing love.  Don’t worry about the other stuff.  Pray, and God will provide what you need.  He’ll even provide the trust!

What say you???

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