Holidays, bad back, housework

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve written, due to the holidays, recovering from a bout of sciatic nerve pain, and doing household projects. Well, the holidays are over, the back is improving, thanks be to God, and the household projects never end. Our home is small, a townhome, and though small, we like doing things ourselves. We’re going to be re-flooring our downstairs due to water damage from a pipe leak under the slab, we have to paint the rooms before that, and we’ve decided to remove the popcorn ceiling. We did do this in our dining room this past weekend-what a mess! Dust flying everywhere. Well, another project (mind you, all of this is because we need to replace the floors!) is to move our 100 gallon reef aquarium-three inches. But to move a loaded aquarium three inches, you may as well need to move it across the room. I will need to remove all the rocks, living things and water, move the aquarium, then reset it up. All of these projects require meticulous planning, for if you overlook one thing, the project doubles in size. For example, we’ve always seen that, when removing a pop-corn ceiling, you should wet it before you scrape it. We thought this was to make it easier to remove, but we found out that, even though it’s easy to remove, wetting it is really to keep the dust down…

Well, this post is not about the faith, it’s just about what I do when I’m not at work, or at church. Home is the third leg of my three-legged stool. I’m a database administrator for a living, and at Church I’m a lector, but I have participated generously prior to leaving my old parish. I also hope to be attending a three-year program of our diocese’s School for Pastoral Ministry starting this month.


What say you???

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