Bethlehem star

Last night, as I was laying down to sleep, watching EWTN, I saw a documentary on the Star of Bethlehem.

The style was sort of like something you’d see on Discovery Channel, but the narrator, a lawyer, Rick Larson, walks us through evidence. The stars are like a clock, moving with precise mathematical movements, which were figured out by Kepler, but he could never have done it all in his head. Besides, he had the wrong date. So Larson takes us through history and shows why the date was wrong, and how early tradition shows the right date, then using a planetarium software called Starry Night, rolls the centuries back to that date, and shows how the stars do what was prophesied, and how it all fits together. Then, using the same technique, he shows the day Christ was crucified. And he shows the dates, and how the wise men gleaned all this information. It was so mind-boggling, I’m at a loss to explain coherently. Go to to find out more. The hour long documentary is very cheap, and they discount for quantity, so you know it’s not a money-making venture. It’s very well thought out and documented with footnotes.

I highly recommend this program.


What say you???

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